Saturday, November 22, 2008


Getting around here is quite interesting and I thought it deserved an entry of it's own. To get from village to village we take what is called a Matatu. In kiswahili the word means, "problem". They are 14 passenger mini-vans who are kind of like city buses, but not really. Everyone squishes in and you sit where you can, even if that means on a board between two seats (I refuse to sit on anyting except a proper seat). The capacity is 14 people + driver. So far, the record number of people that we have contained has been 26 total. This meant squishing 4-5 people per row (meant to sit 3), and having 4-5 people standing with the sliding door open and holding on for dear life. It is quite the experience. No worries about safety thought, if we ever feel unsafe we just request a stop (there are no official stops) and pick up the next Matatu.

The roads are bumpy and awful, so when all squished in together and traversing the rough roads (sports bra required ladies!) we receive complimentary "African massages" lol. They have quite the sense of humour here.

That's my food for thought today.

Take care! xoxoxo


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