Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Day

Hello everyone!

I am doing well here in Kenya. The Kenyan people have been watching the American politics very closely over the past weeks, and everyone has been rooting for Obama. He's from Kenya, ya know. Emma and I have been stopped in the street and asked why we are in Kenya when we should be in America, voting! We just laugh and say we are from Canada.

When Obama won, the celebrations came out here with a bang! There are parties on the street, music and people dancing, and trucks driving around with sound systems and people dancing on them - travelling dance parties as such. The President of Kenya declared today a public holiday so that all people can have enough time to celebrate Obama's success.

When watching the news today, there were reports of "Obama Babies" - many babies born today are being named Obama, Barock, and Michelle. I think it's hilarious! As we are white people, the Kenyan people all shout OBAMA!! at us as we travel through town. It's good for a laugh.

I hope the celebrations are as good at home as they are here. It is Obama craziness. In the hospital, there are posters of Obama and Michelle at an HIV clinic, with the caption saying "Obama and his wife know their status - do you know yours??". And there are matatus with big pictures of Obama plastered to them. Emma and I just chuckle to ourselves. We have taken some pictures of the ones we find really funny, like the HIV poster, but unfortunately, this computer does not have USB so I cannot upload them to share. Maybe on Saturday we will find an Internet Cafe with USB.

That's it for now!

Love always, take care wherever in the world you are!



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